Eddie + Magena | Naples, FL Engagement Photographer

This past saturday I had an engagement shoot scheduled since for a while. I met Eddie & Magena about a year and 1/2 ago at my wedding lol ! I had never ever met them before, I knew who they were because Eddie was my husbands 2nd cousin, basically family and well Magena had already been considered family since they have been together for almost 7 years ! 7 !!! Ever since I met them we hit it off, especially Magena and I, texting back and forth like we had been best friends forever ! So when I found out that they got engaged I was super happy for them and even more excited when she contacted me to do her engagement shoot ! So after a million text messages, pic messages of outfits and planning it was finally here saturday :), but of course we had originally planned to shoo in Fort Lauderdale, we even had 3 places picked out, but oh man when saturday morning came I got worried. The whole entire east coast was going to have heavy winds and basically 90% chance of rain. I didn't want to reschedule to do everyones busy schedule so I got a little creative (maybe a little crazy ;) ) so I texted Magena and I was like ya know Naples is beautiful and its on the west coast where rain is unlikely right now ..heheh ! And who could say no Naples is gorgeous, plus I know my way around downtown so it was perfect. WE jumped in the car and drove 2 hours west and had the best time ! So here goes :) let me know what you think ! Eddie & Magena you guys are an amazing couple, I know gods going to bless you abundantly !