Lavender Love - Carolina Bride Book

000060920006-22015-06-04_007000060940004-22015-06-04_008000060910014-22015-06-04_006000060940012-22015-06-04_009 000060950002-22015-06-04_003000060930014-22015-06-04_002000060960012-22015-06-04_004000060970006-22015-06-04_001000060970004-2Lots of THANK YOUs to Cristina with Carolina Bride, Drew Humphries, Deedee for florals with Springvine, Lindsey with hair and makeup Lindsey Regan Thorne: Be Pretty, my gorgeous model Annie K and my lovely assistant Mimi! STUNNING dresses by Carol Hannah and Leanne Marshall . All shot on a Mamiya645af on fuji400. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo lab.